Scientific Committe

The scientific committee will be constituted among experts worldwild recognised from the various continents. It will be a mix of scientists already involved in the committees of the previous conferences and of new members. The complete list will be published in October 2021.

Local Organisation Committe

Thanks to the presence of large instruments (ESRF and ILL) in its core, the Rhône Alpes region has been historically the center of development of X ray tomography applied to materials science in Europe. Therefore the local organization committee is composed of researchers from Grenoble and Lyon University, from ESRF and ILL and also two PhD Students.

  • Chair persons: Sabine ROLLAND DU ROSCOAT (Université de Grenoble-Alpes) and Eric MAIRE (INSA)
  • Grenoble: Pierre LHUISSIER, Nicolas LENOIR, Luc SALVO
  • Lyon: Jérôme ADRIEN, Jean-Yves BUFFIERE
  • ILL: Alessandro TENGATTINI, Lukas HELFEN
  • PhD student: to be defined later
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